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Used Car Value Calculator

This form can be used to help you calculate the value of your used car.  Our staff has extensive experience in buying and selling new, used, and junk vehicles, both damaged and in like new condition, and based on this experience plus NADA dealer book value of your car we can tell you what the car could be sold for retail.  Please note that retail does NOT equal what you can expect to sell it for.  Generally, an individual can expect to get close to wholesale value out of the car, which is at or near what you could expect if you auction your car at a dealer auction.


We take each and every valuation seriously, and the more accurate the data you provide us, the better estimation we can provide you.  There is no ‘algorithm’ that could be used to determine your car’s value because condition is  such a huge variable.  This is why we calculate each and every car value by hand.  You will be receiving a valuation from an actual individual with decades of experience in the wholesale auto industry.

Thank you for visiting, and happy calculating!